My name is David Urwin and I live in the North East of England 10 miles North of Newcastle upon Tyne. I was actually born on the other side of the Tyne in Gateshead but have lived in Northumberland with my lovely wife Julie coming up to twenty years now.

I started out my working life (apart from my paper round) with a motor industry apprenticeship like many of my school friends and after four years became a time served coach builder. I was chosen by the company I was working for to continue into the realms of the Institute of the Motor Industry (I.M.I.) to study road transport law. 

This didn’t really hold my interest so I moved around within the trade and eventually left the motor industry to seek my fortune in the offshore oil industry.I was fortunate enough to travel to many different areas of the world within the oil & gas industry.

I started in the North Sea on the cleaning and paint crew and worked my way up to my final position of Account Manager based in the company corporate office in Bangkok, Thailand working and visiting many different countries along the way…..what a ride!!!

Although I was sometimes laid off during slump times, there was always another boom time in another area and off I went to my next assignment and this went on for quite a number of years until the final pay off that ended my oilfield career in 2015.

In one of my leave schedules I gained an HGV Class 1 license as I thought it may come in handy some day. I actually bought my own truck and became an owner driver for a while.I am currently working as a logistics driver for a well known green supermarket.

I have always had a dream of earning some money online and during one of my lay off periods I spent some time following online courses and I even managed to get a product up for sale on Clickbank. I was so proud of that achievement and thought..thats it..I’ve cracked it now!

Of course my lack of knowledge regarding traffic and promoting and all that other stuff meant that it did nothing.

But hey, I did it and that meant I could do it again. I delved deeper into the IM niche and was gathering momentum when another work assignment became available. So off I went for another five years promising to come back to IM when I had the time.

Of course a lot changes in five years but the basic context is the same even though technology has advanced tremendously.

This time, I have signed up to John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success course and I am determined to see it through.

Please feel free to follow me on my blog and watch my progress.

Ps I may be back to update this page!