There Are Only 3 Ways to increase your business:

  1. Sell more products to your existing customers
  2. Find new customers for your business
  3. Increase your prices

That’s it!

A mailing list is the lifeblood of your online business.

The old adage “the money is in the list” cannot be true enough — if you have a ‘targeted’ list of prospects to contact each time you have a new product, you will be able to save a lot of effort by marketing it to your existing list of targeted prospects.

You can actually build up a targeted list of prospects that are interested in your products by offering a relevant download on your website. A very good example, for instance, would be When you download the free iTunes and Quicktime software from their site, they will ask you to fill in an optional name and email form so that they can send you offers on songs that you can purchase via — guess where — iTunes!

In reality, you do not need to offer such a “heavyweight” download such as a full feature software like iTunes.  You can attract prospects equally well with some quality freebies such as a simple report, a free wallpaper, ebook and so on. The important thing is that your download offers enough ‘value’ for the prospect to be willing to give away his/her own email address to get it.

However, slapping together a simple download and putting a link on your website won’t be enough to attract qualified prospects. You will have to do some homework in order for your lead-generating mechanism to work well for you.

The average time you have a visitor’s attention on your website is currently about 8 seconds. If you haven’t captured their attention by then…they’re off to a competitor’s site in a flash… never to return!

First of all, you must place your opt-in form prominently on your website so there is no way your visitors cannot find it on the page, and when they do, you’ll get some of them converted into your prospects!

You will also have to put a little effort into promoting your free download. Explain and elaborate on the values of the download, and why your visitors absolutely need it. You might think why would anyone want to pass on a freebie, but most of your visitors will be too lazy to take the effort to download it because most of their downloads just sit on the hard disk collecting virtual dust. It is hence important to show your visitors why they should download your freebie and what it can do for them.

Once you have captured that very precious email the next process is to follow up with an email sequence which you should already have prepared in your autoresponder.

We will save that very important, in fact, crucial information for another post…

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