Well, if you are anything like me you will be wizzing through John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success training videos…until…you reach the bit that needs ‘investment’ and that is when you hit the wall!

It’s like awe man, I was doing so well and now I have to get my credit card out again. Well, I’m not gonna do it right away. But then you’re stuck at that video cos you can’t move on until you have invested the money, we’ll call it invested as it’s not as though we are spending it now is it?

First of all you sign up to John’s course and you get the invoice up to prepare payment and then…hello…what’s this ahhhh! VAT! Ah yeah…forgot about that…another twenty percent!

Same for Optimize Press…$197 suddenly becomes $236 and so on…

However, we know we need this stuff because if we don’t have it then we have wasted money on John’s course and we don’t want that now do we?

So we bite the bullet and fork out the cash and now we can continue with the training while reminding ourselves that if it was a brick and mortar business it would be a substantially larger investment and with that in mind we soldier on!

Hopefully, we are planting the seeds that we can reap the rewards from down the line.

Saying that, the wife is horrified that someone (me) could even think of ‘investing’ $2000 for a coaching course no matter how credible the vendor is.

But….it was not so long ago that she was interested in purchasing a local coffee shop business for…wait for it…a mere £20,000 plus stock, rent, rates and all the other stuff that goes with renting a property.

Weird eh? That is not the same cos that’s a real business right!

So, needless to say I tend not to mention my online ventures just now until they start to bear fruit…then we’ll see who’s interested then!

This P2S program reminds me a bit of a program John ran in the past called ‘Masterclass’

It was the Widlink plug in that reminded me. I was enrolled in that program but at the time I had just moved into a new job and it required all my attention so I kinda got left behind with the course. Hopefully, I can give it more attention this time even though I still have a full time job.

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