What is my ‘WHY’…

Yes, it makes sense but to make ‘more’ sense of it, quite simply it means WHY am I doing this, why have I enrolled in P2S and why am I putting myself through all this blog post writing malarkey when really, I am not a writer at all…by any stretch of the imagination. Yes, I have stories to tell and amusing and funny anecdotes but write about Internet Marketing and it’s a different story. How do I not bore the pants off my readers, or, how do they not bore the pants of me all writing about the same thing like traffic, SEO, email marketing, product creation, launches etc, etc, etc.

Well, that gets me back to my ‘WHY’

I am doing it because I have seen marketers like John Thornhill and others whom I have been following since I first became interested in IM waaaaay back in 2009 when I was laid off from my job in oil & gas…again… (more about that on my about me page). Anyway, I am still on their lists and although I have been on and off John’s list(s) I can relate to him and his partner Dave Nicholson (on and off his list’s’ too) because they are familiar to me as I pass the car factory where they both worked every day I travel to work and back and I live in the North East of England within 20 miles of these guys.

That makes them very real to me because if they can do it…Yep…so can I!

This is not derogatory in any way and these guys will tell you exactly the same thing themselves…in fact, it is one of their strongest selling points!

I have trouble talking about internet marketing to my family and friends as they don’t see it as a viable business because it is not a ‘real’ job. Although I get encouragement from my wife she is still really from the old way of thinking whereby you have to work for someone else to earn a living.

We seem to be stuck with the outdated notion that doing what you want with your life, choosing your own way of working and sitting and thinking is somehow wrong and wasteful.

That is a really strong mindset to break free from!

Even though all my critics buy stuff online and some work for company owners they can’t seem to grasp that someone online is selling them that stuff or someone is paying their wages and it does not seem possible to be the seller or the business owner in their world.

When I worked in the oil & gas industry I had money and time off when I came home on field break. I did not have an extravagant lifestyle but managed to live reasonably well and have free time on my hands until it was time to return to my work assignment.

That is what I am seeking from this course. To free myself and my wife from the constraints of a working day, earn enough money to pay the bills and enjoy a quiet lifestyle which will hopefully ease me into an early retirement. Not a great deal to ask for really…

So…What is your ‘WHY’

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    • Bill Richards

      This rings so many bells with me, I have felt the same and had so many of the same things said to me over the years. Like yourself David I am looking for the freedom to choose, when, where,and for how many hours I work.
      I am sure that it can be found by completing this course………….Regards…………..Bill

    • david urwin

      Thanks for commenting Bill, hope you get where you want to be and I sincerely wish you success!

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