Hi and welcome to my blog.

This is a new blog for me, however, not my first and hopefully, with the guidance of John Thornhill, this one will provide a hub for my online business which I hope to build under his watchful eye under the Partnership To Success training program.                                                                                 

“When The Student Is Ready The Teacher Will Appear”

I first heard of John Thornhill when I was working in the oil and gas industry on assignment in the Middle East.                                                                                              This came about as I lost my job in March 2009 due to the financial crash in late 2008.My wife was working in a good job so we decided to stay in Bahrain and wait it out and see if I could get another oilfield job which I did get another job but not until February of 2010. In the time in between, almost a year, I got really interested in Internet Marketing.

I looked at lots of stuff online and was savvy enough to recognise blatant scams but I settled down with the marketers who, in my opinion, seemed to be genuine and I remain on their mailing lists to this day.

When I first heard John’s voice I was convinced it was my previous boss speaking…the likeness was uncanny. John was promoting his new product ‘Profit From PLR’ at the time and I bought it. (Did not take action and it remains on my hard drive)

Prior to that I was following another marketer’s course and even managed to get a product up on Clickbank!                                                                                                    It was a PLR product poorly reworked by me and I didn’t have a clue about SEO or JV’s or anything like that so it did nothing. However, I was so proud of my achievement that I thought that was it…i was on my way to becoming a marketer. Just needed a bit of fine tuning…I thought!

As I mentioned, I was offered another job and this time in Thailand. It was different to what I was doing before so it took all of my attention and IM had to take a back seat. But Hey…I knew what to do now so I could come back to it any time…or again… so I thought.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, this happened a few times so I did not give IM the attention to get it going. Times when I did come back to it, things had changed, technology had moved on…back to square one!

This time there are no distractions (well, just life getting in the way) so I plan to follow it through to success…

Here’s hoping…

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